Label Nue Model


Calling all aspiring models! We are thrilled to extend an incredible opportunity for you to join our prestigious brand as a model. This is your invitation to be a part of a dynamic and creative team, working alongside professionals who are dedicated to bringing our brand's image to life. As a model for our brand, you will have the opportunity to bring our vision to life through captivating campaigns and glamorous photoshoots. Whether you have prior experience or are just beginning your journey, we are excited to discover your potential and showcase your talent. So, if you are ready to unlock your true potential and be a part of an inclusive and empowering brand, we invite you to submit your application today. Embrace your unique beauty, radiate confidence and show us why you are destined to be a part of our exceptional model roster. This is your chance to make a lasting impact and be a part of our extraordinary brand family.

Please note: You must submit pictures that are unedited and raw. This includes providing a selfie or a full look of your face, without any filters applied to showcase your natural appearance and features accurately. This practice ensures transparency and helps in making decisions based on your authentic appearance rather than any modified or retouched images.


Requirements for potential LabelNue models:

    1. Aesthetic Appeal: Models should possess physical attractiveness and appealing qualities suitable for our brand image.
    • Must maintain overall cleanliness in their appearance, including clean hair, well-groomed nails and fresh hygiene practices.
    • Healthy and radiant skin
    • Hair should be clean, neatly styled and in good condition.
    • Tanned and radiant glow skin that fits our brand's aesthetic
  1. Body Proportions: Body proportions, including height and body measurements, should match our standards.
  2. Professionalism and Work Ethic: Our models must demonstrate professionalism, punctuality and a strong work ethic, as these qualities are essential for successful collaborations and long-term commitments.
  3. Collaborative Skills: Ability to work collaboratively with photographers, stylists and creative teams to bring concepts and visions to life effectively. Strong communication and teamwork skills are crucial in making collaborative efforts successful.
  4. Confidence and Presence: Looking for models who display confidence, poise and a commanding presence in front of the camera or during photoshoot.
  5. Skills and posing abilities: The ability to strike a variety of poses with confidence fluidity, and creativity. A solid understanding of the industry, current fashion trends and posing techniques that align with our brand.
  6. Adaptability: Models who can adapt to different environments, lighting conditions and photographers' directions.
  7. Brand Ambassador Potential: Potential to represent our brand beyond just modeling, including their ability to maintain a positive public image and contribute to brand promotion.


    Models' responsibilities that are expected when joining our company:

      1. Campaigns and Collection Photoshoots: The model will participate in photoshoots for our campaigns and new collections. You will work with photographers, stylists and creative teams to showcase the products and brand image effectively. 
      2. Video Shoots: Participate in video shoots, where we bring the new collections and campaign concepts to life through moving visuals for our social media content.
      3. Campaign Travel: Expected to travel for campaigns or promotional events. This could involve domestic or international travel, depending on the company's reach. 
      4. Fittings and Wardrobe Selection: Attend fittings and collaborate with stylists to select appropriate outfits and looks for photoshoots. You must be prepared to try on various clothing items.
      5. Brand Representation: The model will act as a representative of our brand, maintaining a professional and positive image both on and off the set.
      6. Social Media Promotion: Expected to actively engage with social media platforms, sharing behind-the-scenes content, promoting campaigns and representing the brand's image online.